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Cross-industry collaboration can make tech more diverse and equitable. Historically, the tech industry’s approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has been dispersed, individual, and short-term. Making the industry more inclusive requires a collective, systemic response to a collective, systemic problem, where companies bring a business approach to inclusion, and an inclusive approach to business.

Collaborative Work Is Key to Building Equity and Encouraging Innovation

Reaching across the proverbial aisle to work with a peer or competitor on a project can open a world of opportunity for growth, innovation, and, of course, the opportunity for each industry to benefit. There are three good reasons you should be looking at cross-industry tech collaboration. Consider the following and how it can benefit your business:

1. Unique Problem-Solving Opportunities

In many instances, a problem that your team is dealing with has already been solved by someone else. That solution can then be tweaked to fit your specific needs. Collaboration offers unique problem-solving options. The solution you need can often be found in practice by another company in the industry.

2. Makes Work Interesting

No matter how good your teams are, there is always something new to learn, and collaboration gives everyone this opportunity. Industry collaboration helps team members learn about different applications, different methods, and keeps work interesting for everyone. It can even help with employee retention. When there is something new and interesting happening at work, it keeps employees excited about work.

3. An Entirely New Perspective

Collaboration increases the potential impact tech companies can have. The tech industry is already aspirational in so many ways – working together can inspire new ways of working and encourage people to think bigger. Cross-industry collaboration can expand the way tech is used, improve its function, and change perspectives around what it means to be successful. From a development perspective, working with your peers can break down the information silo that often locks industries out of information.

Collaborating across industries is better for everyone. It is the solution that many companies need but are not aware of. Tech can be doing more, it can be more diverse, and it can deliver more options through collaboration. Reaching outside your own company to share learnings and brainstorm solutions can reboot your perspective on the potential impact of DEI work in tech.